Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids & Solids
City: Boulder, Longmont, and Oakroom
Favorite Beer: Blue Dream IPA

Oskar Blues and its unique style is not only one of our favorite Colorado breweries, but national breweries as well. They have such great variety from their Blue Dream IPA, G’Knight, Old Chub, Death By Coconut and so much more! As far as the brewery and tap room are concerned, they have a nice array of blues and rock music on a wide-open venue, which can sometimes include a spur of the moment basketball game. It’s a really cool place – we recommend it! If you aren’t in Colorado, (because Oskar Blues has gone national) you can likely find their delicious brew in your local beverage distributor!

Avery Brewing Company
City: Boulder
Favorite Beer: Maharaja IPA

When it comes to quality, it’s hard to top Avery. We especially enjoy their sour ales because of their quality and uniqueness. We’d not had a ginger or apricot sour ale before our journey and they completely blew our minds. The only thing you can only have a couple before your stomach becomes a pool of acid, but that’s beside the point!

New Belgium Brewing
City: Fort Collins
Favorite Beer: The Hemperor

While New Belgium may be known mainly for their hit “Fat Tire” beer, they are so much more than that! We’re big fans of the hemperor, sour ales, and voodoo ranger collections in particular. You can visit their brewery for tours or for Fat Tire Friday, which is always lots of fun.

Boulder Beer Company
City: Boulder
Favorite Beer: Spaceman Double IPA

Every brewery has their own culture and traditions and Boulder has one that we thought was pretty memorable. After going for a tour you can grab a delicious bite to eat – they have excellent choices for lunch and dinner (we love the buffalo chicken flatbread).

Left Hand Brewing Company
City: Longmont
Favorite Beer: Nitro Milk Stout

Nitro Milk Stout was the first nitro beer we’ve ever had and we certainly have not looked back! They have a solid range of beers that go far beyond nitro beers – they’ve especially branched out with their recent seasonal brews that have really taken us back. But let’s talk about the culture! Left Hand is active within their community, participating in the bike ride for MS and the Longmont Humane Society. It’s fair to say these are pretty good guys, so go for a tour soon!

Odell Brewing Company
City: Fort Collins
Favorite Beer: Myrcenary Double IPA

With two taprooms (Fort Collins and Denver) offers double the fun and adventures. They have all kinds of fun, active events at both taprooms (like the winter bike from work bash) and have live music pretty regularly. Add the awesome food trucks that they usually have at the brewery and it makes for a great day (or night).

Odd 13 Brewing
City: Lafayette
Favorite Beer: Noob Pale Ale

Do you like beer and comic books? If so, Odd 13 Brewing is the place for you! They have a comic-themed thing going on with characters and settings that take their brewing experience to the next level. The brewery is decorated with action-y things and they have a store with merch surrounding all of their beer comic characters. You can check their schedule to see which food trucks will be present at what days, as they have a cycle of some sort, which adds a nice touch of variety for regulars.

Call To Arms Brewing Company
City: Denver
Favorite Beer: Really, Realy, Ridiculously Good Tasting

This brewery has personality! Call To Arms has a fun, artsy kind of feel. You can count on tons of fun – there are events like twice per week and they range from food to music, comedy, and active-themed. We’d say Call To Arms is probably the unique child of the bunch here.

Ratio Beerworks
City: Denver
Favorite Beer: Hold Steady

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely LOVE aged beer. Ratio Beerworks ages some of their (better) beer in bourbon and scotch barrels. The authenticity of their beer is matched with the environment at their taprooms. There’s tons of cool art and a nice variety of bands that visit for live music.

Denver Beer Company
City: Denver
Favorite Beer: Incredible Pedal IPA

We hope you like saisons and other beers with sweet aromas! You can find anything from “pedal power” to “pretzel assassin amber” lagers here so get your taste buds ready. With plenty of room and regularly new taps – this is the spot to hang in Denver! They also know what their customers want – they have large warm pretzels that go PERFECTLY with their beer!