Among the long list of emerging technologies are robot vacuum cleaners. You know, those self-guiding circular robots that detect and pick up dirt around your house? As its technology, they’ve become normalized, which means one thing – lots of options! The luxury of automating your home’s vacuuming is both elegant and time-saving. But how can you choose the ideal robot vacuum cleaner for your home and lifestyle? That’s where we come in!

Ask Yourself “Why” First

No, we don’t want to deter you from getting a robot vacuum cleaner. But there are new advancements with manual vacuum cleaners to consider. Checking out the best vacuum cleaners in your area is a solid place to start! After weighing all of your options, you’ll want to consider what features will have the most impact on your robotic cleaning experience.

Ask Yourself “Why” First

You’ll want to invest in a vacuum cleaner that’s fit for the job you need. With that said, there are models made specifically for small/big spaces, so it’s important to get what works for your space. The most important things to consider here are overall strength and battery life. To get a good idea, consider getting an estimated square footage of your home (or at least the areas you’ll want vacuumed) and compare that with the respective battery lives.

What Kind of Flooring Do You Have?

Just as with power and battery life, some vacuum cleaners are made specifically for select flooring, such as carpeting, hardwood, tile, or laminate, etc. It’s not necessarily the case that getting a carpet cleaner (won’t) get the job done, it’s more about efficiency and preserving the lifespan of your investment. While there are a plethora of vacuum cleaners made to handle multiple surfaces, many are optimized for a specific one. Aside from a noticeable difference in overall performance, investing in something specifically made for the job you need will decrease the chances of you needing a vacuum repair company. So with that said, know what goes on in your house and don’t settle. Get something built for what you need.. and maybe even a notch or two above just to be safe.

Do You Have Pets (How Many)?

If you have any cats, dogs, ferrets, birds… whatever… you know that pet hair and dander can be a real pain. Not only does it sit around, but it can clog up vacuum cleaners, depreciating their value over time. That’s why select robot vacuum cleaners are made specifically for pet owners – ideal for picking up shedded hair in the summer months, dander, even strands from broken-down toys. We probably don’t have to tell you how frustrating (and downright nasty) doing this is, so avoid having to use a vacuum cleaning guide and just avoid the issue altogether. From here, you’ll just want to consider how many pets you have, as the quantity of hair and dander will determine the level of power and capacity you’ll want to invest in.

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