The birth of an era – the PlayStation One (or PlayStation X) changed home gaming forever. With state-of-the-art graphics on titles that started to move towards the more realistic genres like combat and racing, this console proved to be a well-worthy advisory of the Nintendo 64. The wide selection of games from the original PlayStation is undeniable, but for now, we’re going to stick to that of the adventure game genre.

Spider Man (2000)

Swing through the streets of New York City as Spiderman as you fight to stop Doctor Oc from taking over the city. This is a level-by-level game where you get to square off against other villains such as Rhino, Lizard and even Carnage! Being the first 3D game of the series, this was so much fun to play and was the start for superhero games to come.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

Modeled after the first book and movie that came out around the same time, the game was better than most had anticipated. You’re able to roam around Hogwarts at Harry Potter completing quests and solving fun puzzles from the beginning of the traditional story until the very end. Of course, they added some parts of it to be more interactive, but all in all, this was a great game to play, especially for children at the time.

Mega Man X4 (1997)

Mega Man X4 was one of the earlier games to be released for the original PlayStation and became a pretty tough act to follow. You can play the story mode as either Mega Man X or Zero (this is an X, after all), where you take part in the war against the hunters. Level by level, this game was filled with action and even though it was a platformer, they always found a way to keep the gameplay fresh and never repetitive.

Ape Escape (1999)

Ape Escape is about a monkey (Specter) that lives in a family fun amusement park who is given a helmet designed by a crazy scientist that gives him super monkey powers. As cool as the powers are, the helmet also turns him evil. So you, Spike, must rally all the other monkeys to stop Specter from rewriting history. It sounds wild, but Ape Escape was one of the best family-friendly games of its time, introducing a fun plot, dynamic gameplay and excellent graphics for its time.

Tomb Raider (1996)

The start of an era, you can start your adventure as Lara Croft in what were the best graphics at the time. Explore caves, tombs and crypts to find a special artifact in the mountains of Peru. This game was successful enough to sell over 7 MILLION copies, which was crazy at the time.

Crash Bandicoot (1996)

Naughty Dog’s first hit was none other than Crash Bandicoot where you must get through each level to stop the evil Doctor Neo Cortex from taking over the world. With the help of Aku Aku, a floating magic mask who sometimes takes damage for you, you must get through each stage, collecting apples and defeating enemies in the process. As much fun as this game was, it was equally (if not more) frustrating. Beware of the boulders.

Spyro the Dragon (1998)

One of PlayStation’s most iconic franchises started here. Play as Spyro, the small, yet powerful dragon who learns more abilities as you go to defeat Gnasty Gnorc and rescue all the other dragons and dragonflies from his reign of terror. The game consists of multiple worlds where you meet friends, collect valuables and are tested in many different facets.

Metal Gear Solid (1998)

The ultimate game for 3D stealth missions and combat-related tasks was, of course, Metal Gear Solid and it all started here. You play as Solid Snake as you navigate through a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the threat of war… nuclear war.

Spyro the Dragon: Year of the Dragon (2000)

The best of the entire series (in our opinion), Year of the Dragon takes Spyro to a whole new level. Actually, there are 37 in which you have to collect dragon eggs that have been stolen by a thief. Among the many fun adventures involving ‘out there’ themes like gliding, swimming and even skateboarding, you also meet a lot of recurring characters like Hunter and Sheila the Kangaroo to help you with your quest. This is especially fun for kids!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997)

Considered to be the best Castlevania game, you play as Alucard (Dracula’s son) to fight through Dracula’s castle in an attempt to defeat the possessed Richter Belmont. While still 2-dimensional, this game offered a lot to explore, so many monsters to fight, surprising adventures within the initial quest and so much more for it’s time to the point that it’s still considered to be one of the best PlayStation games, period, not just from the original.