Among the many great things to do in New Jersey, Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore just to name a couple, there are a vast amount of delicious breweries you can visit. We regret that we had to narrow the list down to just 10, but can ensure that these are keepers for locals and visitors. So, please, visit as many of these breweries as you can while in New Jersey.

Double Nickel Brewing Company

Double Nickel is considered one of the staples in the New Jersey craft beer community. They might not have the largest selection, but they have a wide enough pallet to attract people with all kinds of tastes. From golden ales to Belgians, to IPAs, you can find something tasty at Double Nickels.

Location: Pennsauken Township
Favorite Beer: Double Nickel IPA

Fort Nonsense Brewing Company

Fort Nonsense is more of a local spot, it’s small and intimate. They literally make and store the beer in the back room, which is visible from the taproom bar, which gives it more of the “homey” feel. As cool as some of the bigger breweries are, there’s something to be said about the smaller spots.

Location: Denville
Favorite Beer: In Full Effect (New England IPA)

Brix City Brewing

When we think of a nice, chill brewery, Brix City is one that comes to mind. It has the cool, rustic feel with the brick bar, barrel tables and wooden benches, making for a really cool place to be all year round. They have a cool selection of spiced beers if that’s what you’re into.

Location: Little Ferry
Favorite Beer: Triple Powerbomb

New Jersey Beer Company

If you couldn’t tell by the name, New Jersey Beer Company is kind of the staple of New Jersey beer. They have a great selection of different beers, all of which are delicious (from what we’ve tried). They’re really big on Untappd (perfect for traveling beer fans). Best of all? They offer really good rates for their taproom, so definitely give them a shot.

Location: North Bergen
Favorite Beer: Pit Boss (Double IPA)

Flounder Brewing Co

For a really cool taproom packed with all of the cool beers and dishes you could want, absolutely go to Flounder Brewing. Flounders is one of those breweries that resembles more of a restaurant because of how good the food is and how relaxed the atmosphere is. They do lunch and dinner, each meal designed to complement one of their awesome ales, porters or stouts, all of which will make you want to buy a six to bring home.

Location: Red Bank
Favorite Beer: Stout ‘N Donuts

Departed Soles Brewing Company

Departed Soles Brewing Company is one of the newer breweries around and it shows. But that’s not a bad thing by any means, it shows that they have their own energy, which is refreshing if you ask us. It draws a younger crowd, but not the obnoxious kind, which is one reason they have our stamp of approval. Oh yeah, their IPAs are great, especially in the summer!

Location: Jersey City
Favorite Beer: Horse Play IPA

Jersey Girl Brewing

It’s all about the beer variety at Jersey Girl. Sure, it’s a fun time, but to us, the quality of the product outways the experience, but that might be just us. The beers they have are very unique and so delicious, many of which you can’t find in stores so they’re a real treat. It can get a little loud at later hours, so we see it as more of a lunch spot.

Location: Hackettstown
Favorite Beer: Hazy IPA

Alementary Brewing Co

Alementary is all about the experience. They give really fun and engaging tours and they even let you try some of their batches (some of which are new). The staff is really nice, only thing is to check their schedule in advance because they run a lot of events, so if that’s what you want, awesome if you want a quiet tour plan accordingly.

Location: Hackensack
Favorite Beer: Warship (Porter)

Source Farmhouse Brewery

Imagine if a brewery had a child with an ice cream parlor… the product would be Source Farmhouse. Sounds weird, right? It is, but guess what, their batches are really good and as unique as they come. Go for lunch and try as many of their drinks as possible, just be aware many of them are on the thicker side.

Location: Colts Neck
Favorite Beer: Watts For Breakfast

Carton Brewing

You can find a really cool little spot in Carton Brewing. They occasionally have live music which is fun. They do tours as well, but we elected to spend all of our time in the taproom. We suggest their IPAs, very refreshing, but somehow doesn’t skimp on hopps.

Location: Atlantic Highlands
Favorite Beer: 077XX

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