A majorly underrated aspect of New York State is the Upstate region north of the city. Filled with beautiful farms, mountains and lakes, it’s a great destination for vacations of all types. While there, we strongly suggest paying these breweries a visit!

NAME: Industrial Arts Brewing Company
LOCATION: Gamerville
FAVORITE BEER: Industrial Arts Wrench IPA

Inside the Industrial Arts Center lyes a beautiful brick-laid brewery specializing in wheat-brewed blends. If you’re not a fan, they have plenty of other styles to choose from. Aside from the actual beer, the location is gorgeous and a perfect destination from spring to fall.

NAME: Hudson Valley Brewery
FAVORITE BEER: Good Old Neon (Sour IPA)

We’re big fans of the ambiance here, it has the rustic feel you’d expect with the area, but with a modern approach that fits with a brewery of its quality. They’re probably one of the best breweries to visit on this list when it comes to the array and quality of their brew.

NAME: Brewery Ommegang
LOCATION: Cooperstown
FAVORITE BEER: For The Throne (Strong Golden Ale)

Any baseball fans here? While you’re visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame, you’re about 15 minutes away from this behemoth of a beautiful brewery. Surrounded by giant gates like the Wonka Factory, Ommegang is known for making some of the best Belgian ales around.

NAME: Defiant Brewing Co
LOCATION: Pearl River
FAVORITE BEER: Fake News (New England IPA)

You can find a warm, yet chill experience at Defiant Brewing Co. With a large taproom big enough to fit parties, fun tours and a delicious comfort food menu, you’re bound to have a great time. It’s definitely one of those places you have to go more than once.

NAME: Galaxy Brewing Company
LOCATION: Binghamton

There’s a really cool brewery right in the heart of Binghamton that has everything from tours, sports leagues, music and delicious food. The revolving door of fun is guaranteed to keep you wanting to come back.

NAME: Cooperstown Brewing Company
LOCATION: Cooperstown
FAVORITE BEER: Squeeze Play (Double IPA)

Great for hops and even better for fun, Cooperstown Brewing Company is part of Cooperstown’s pledge to provide excellent drinks to the public. The town has an actual trail where you can stamp all of the breweries/wineries/distilleries for free merch. Check their calendar for all kinds of fun events they have going on.

NAME: https://commonrootsbrewing.com/
LOCATION: South Glens Falls
FAVORITE BEER: Continuum (Modern IPA)

Common Roots is great for going during the day, maybe before lunch. They have a nice little taproom and delicious beer available. The variety of quality probably stands out more than anything else, particularly with their hoppier blends.

NAME: https://www.sloopbrewing.com/
LOCATION: East Fishkill
FAVORITE BEER: Confliction (Sour Ale)

Get groovy at Sloop for an overall day (or night) of fun. Not only do they have good food, but we’d probably rank them as one of the better places to eat in the area and the menu is perfectly suited for what they have on tap.

NAME: Newburgh Brewing Company
LOCATION: Newburgh

We enjoy Newburgh not only because of how good the beer is but because it’s more of a local hangout. Some breweries can get really loud and crowded, but this is more of a chill environment where you can enjoy a quiet setting.

NAME: Ithaca Beer Co

You can find a really unique beer experience at Ithaca Beer Co because of the experiments they run. They brew all kinds of Frankenstein-esc beers that are awesome for flights because they aren’t in distribution like their normal lineup.

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