Just off New York City, Long Island, home to famous beaches, cuisines, entertainers. Did we mention the breweries they have on hand? From Nassau County to Montauk, you can find excellent beers and breweries to tour in the process.

These are our favorites in no particular order:

NAME: Barrier Brewing Co
LOCATION: Oceanside
FAVORITE BEER: Daddy Warbucks

Barrier is actually one of our favorite breweries, period. It’s obvious just how much time they put into their beer and it shows with every sip. Arguably some of the best IPAs we’ve ever had, between Daddy Warbucks and Money IPA.

NAME: Greenport Harbor Brewery
LOCATION: Greenport

Way out there on the east end, you can find the Greenport Brewery. They have like a shack/hall where they host their events, which doubles as a taproom. There’s not much other than fields around, so it forces people in and to come together. We’ve never not had a fun time here, especially when they have food trucks around (always the best).

NAME: Sand City Brewing
LOCATION: Northport
FAVORITE BEER: Burning The House Down

Another home for artisan beer, Sand City rivals the best. What the brewery/taproom lacks in size is made up for with quality and variety. Their shop is unique as well, they even sell soaps that smell like stouts!

NAME: Great South Bay Brewery
FAVORITE BEER: Hoppocratic Oath

If there’s one thing Great South Bay knows (other than beer) it’s Long Island culture. Their brewery often hosts events, does giveaways, sponsors local events (like the Great South Bay Music Festival) and is just loads of fun.

NAME: Moustache Brewing Co
LOCATION: Riverhead
FAVORITE BEER: Scorpion Drawer

Located on Eastern Long Island, Moustache offers a more modern take on the East Coast Brewery. Like others, they’re tons of fun and host seasonal events, which are always fun times.

NAME: Oyster Bay Brewing Company
LOCATION: Oyster Bay

Living on the North Shore, Oyster Bay Brewing Company is a small, but energetic establishment. The taproom is nice and the selection is good enough, but we enjoy the location because you can get a bite to eat afterwards at Sweet Tomato or Taby’s Burger House. Food and beer just go together.

NAME: Blue Point Brewery
LOCATION: Patchogue
FAVORITE BEER: Beach Plum Gose

Blue Point recently moved locations from a small shack, to taking over an old campus on main street. With more space means they can brew more, with still plenty of room to entertain. Their pub is always fun with live music and they host seasonal events with games and contests, so it’s a cool place to hang out.

NAME: Montauk Brewing Co

WAY out east in Montauk, you can find… the Montauk Brewery. It’s another small brewery/taste room that’s right in town, near a couple of good pizza spots. Montauk is usually a pretty quiet spot, but crazy packed during the summer so pick your visit time wisely.

NAME: Spider Bite Beer Co
LOCATION: Holbrook

Spider Bite is relatively new, but man do they know beer! They’re kind of known for regularly producing high-quality concoctions at a fast rate. Their tasting room is open afternoons 5 days a week and is great for small parties.

NAME: Destination Unknown Beer Company
FAVORITE BEER: Tripel Rainbow

Great for parties and events, Destination Unknown Beer Company seems like just that, unknown. And that’s what makes it unique and a great time. They have space for large parties where people can try new beers – what can be better than that??!?

Ben Macmillan

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