Whether you live in or around Maine, or you’re there for a relaxing vacation, we’d be happy to add another dimension to your experience. While Maine might be known for fresh, delicious seafood and gorgeous scenery, they have a surprisingly impressive beer selection. Maine might be one of the most underrated places to find great brew, and we’ll explain how with our 10 favorite spots!

NAME: Moderation Brewing Company
LOCATION: Brunswick
FAVORITE BEER: Box Shop Girls (Breakfast Stout)

Despite their name, there’s nothing “moderate” about Moderation Brewing Company. The brewery/taproom features a beautiful rustic aesthetic that reflects a cozy coffee shop. They have books, board games and even host trivia night twice per month.

NAME: Foundation Brewing Company
LOCATION: Portland
FAVORITE BEER: Galacticon (Triple IPA)

Talk about a brewery that wears their name on their sleeve – these guys are absolutely passionate about the product they manufacture. You can almost feel the pride in the air, but then you get distracted by all of the fun things going on. For the full experience, we suggest getting a flight to try it all!

NAME: First Mile Brewing Company
FAVORITE BEER: Valley Haze (New England IPA)

Located in Fort Kent (which is basically Canada), locals are not only spoiled with beautiful views and landscapes but now with delicious local brew. While their year-round selection might not have the widest variety, you can expect high quality from every sip. They also host bi-weekly events to keep the fun flowing.

NAME: Maine Beer Company
LOCATION: Freeport

When it comes to delicious beers, Maine Beer Company is amongst the top of our list for all breweries, period. Truly amazing. The tasting room is huge and open pretty much every day, offering tasty food like pizza, burgers, wings and more all day long. Whether you want a tour, or would prefer to bring a party, definitely try Main Beer Company.

NAME: Lone Pine Brewing Company
LOCATION: Portland
FAVORITE BEER: Tessellation (Double IPA)

If you’re looking for a fun, unique experience, you might want to give Lone Pine a shot. They really have a knack for incorporating personality with their craft and it shows in their beers and both of their tasting rooms (Portland and Gorham).

NAME: Northern Maine Brewing Company
FAVORITE BEER: Skidder Grease (Stout)

Located way up in Northern Main (also basically Canada) is a beautiful plot of land that crafts some awesome brew. You know what else they have? Their own chef that makes gourmet food, which honestly, we couldn’t think of anything better to have with great craft beer! We’d come here over just about any restaurant in the area.

NAME: Allagash Brewing Company
LOCATION: Portland
FAVORITE BEER: Tripel (Golden Ale)

We visited Allagash once on a cold night and we were amazed at how toasty and warm the place (and staff) were. You should visit if you like an array of events, ranging from music to arts, parties and more. It’s a place that combines variety with comfort in a way that utterly impressed us.

NAME: Grateful Grain Brewing Company
LOCATION: Monmouth
FAVORITE BEER: Numinous (Double IPA)

Oh man, the variety of tasty beers that come from Grateful Grain excites us just writing about it! It’s one of the newer breweries in Maine, but you wouldn’t really think so by going there. The brewpub is open Friday-Sunday and is known as a cool little hangout spot. Lots of fun if it isn’t too crowded!

NAME: Oxbow Brewing Company
LOCATION: Newcastle
FAVORITE BEER: Infinite Darkness (Imperial Stout)

For a vintage feel and a belly full of beer, you have a few options at Oxbow. The brewery is in Newcastle, but they also have a taproom in Portland and a beer garden in… you guessed it, Oxford. All three are excellent choices! Their Saisons and Stouts are especially worth trying among all of their other brews.

NAME: Bissell Brothers Brewing Company
LOCATION: Portland
FAVORITE BEER: Nothing Gold (Double IPA)

We like their style and love their beer. Many breweries tend to specialize in a type of beer or two, then slowly branch out. Not Bissell Brothers. They have a wide array of IPAs, lagers, stouts and more to ensure there will be something for everyone and we can vouch for the taste of just about all of them!

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