Who would have guessed Sacramento one of the biggest hipster cities has a ton of breweries with great beer? We did. If you happen to be in the area, we strongly suggest you check out these breweries!

NAME: Tower Brewing
FAVORITE BEER: Sunny Arvo – Southern Hemisphere Hops

Tower is less of a brewery and more of a funhouse that brews and serves delicious beer. They have everything from game nights, to live music and even yoga. That’s right, yoga. Oh yeah, the quality of the beer is really high too.

NAME: New Helvetia Brewing Company
FAVORITE BEER: Northeast Land Park IPA

Think of New Helvetia as the “local spot” when it comes to breweries. Travelers are still welcome though. New Helvetia has some of the best beer on this list, as tough as it is to make that choice. The variety and unique flavors are enough to excite any beer enthusiast.

NAME: New Glory Craft Brewing
FAVORITE BEER: Imperial Pie Kettle Sour

When we think of “brewery purists” in the California area, we think of New Glory. With flavors ranging from citrus ales to cake stouts, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. While you’re there, you can check out their food menu, while not as done up as others, is more than what you would expect at a brewery.

NAME: Big Sexy Brewing Company
FAVORITE BEER: Call of Lupulhu DoubleIPA

A brand with personality to match the distinct flavor of their product. Their beer is super popular in the area and is sold all around and for good reason. While not huge, the taproom is a fun place to try them all and hang out with the staff, who are really cool.

NAME: Fieldwork Brewing Company

They have locations all over the west coast, but the main one in Sacramento tends to stand out for us (not that we’ve been to the others anyway…). Whatever, the point is Fieldwork Brewing has among the best variety that you’re going to find on this list, so they should probably be on the top of your list if you’re doing flights.

NAME: Track 7 Brewing Company
FAVORITE BEER: Left Eye Right Eye Double IPA

There’s always been a cool vibe that’s gone with Track 7 Brewing and it speaks to you when you visit any of their locations (and when you take a sip from one of their cans). They’ve made a name for themselves in just under 10 years with no sign of going back, which you’ll be thankful for. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking to stay for a bit, they have great food trucks that come by, including tacos every Tuesday!

NAME: Alaro Craft Brewing
FAVORITE BEER: La Luna Nitro Oat Stout

Alaro Craft turns your quest for beer into an event. It’s like a brewery/restaurant hybrid that attracts big crowds for big reasons. Their cuisine is a nice mix between American bar and Mexican, which is ideal for those trying new beers. The energy matches the flavors, so don’t sleep on Alaro!

NAME: Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse
FAVORITE BEER: Kind for Nothing IPA

We would characterize Urban Roots as an… entertaining brewery. Here, you can pick up some delicious barbecue and maybe catch a flick. Pretty cool combination, right? They have a really nice, open patio which is great for groups on a nice spring/summer day.

NAME: Big Stump Brewing Company
FAVORITE BEER: Forever Famous

Big Stump is a beautiful brewery that gives the vibe of an authentic experience. They do lots of tours and sometimes have fun events like trivia and live music. Best of all? You guessed it, the beer. Check the availability and pay them a visit.

NAME: Sacrament Brewing
FAVORITE BEER: Cachique Session IPA

There’s another bar/brewery/restaurant and it’s Sacrament Brewing! They have a HUGE burger menu and they even do brunch. Also, they have beers from other breweries, which makes for a place with excellent variety that anyone would agree with.

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