When you hear “Chicago” the first thing many people think about is deep dish pizza. Nobody does it like the guys in Chicago. Below we’ll count down our 12 favorite spots to get a deep slice.

Bartoli’s Pizzeria
Location: North Center

Bartoli’s – it’s a great place to watch a sports game (and you can bring your own beer), so you can imagine why it’s a favorite of the locals. Between the fun, inviting environment and the sauce-heavy deep dish pizza, Bartoli’s made our list.

Location: Loop

Pizano’s shares some common themes with the rest of the places on this list, and that’s pizza history. The current owner is the son of the founder, and the family recipe apparently hasn’t changed from day one (we haven’t tried the original). They have, however, added some new variety, which is controversial to pizza purists but is still adored by many.

My Pi Pizza
Location: Bucktown

If you’re looking for a lighter, (kind of more thin) deep dish slice, this is your spot. It’s typically meant for a place to drop by, rather than staying for a while. It made our list because of the unbelievably fresh tasting pizza, making it PERFECT for a nice night out.

Pizzeria Uno
Location: River North

Pizzeria Uno has deep dish pizza that is the perfect combination of tradition and uniqueness. It offers the traditional satisfaction of your delicious deep dish, though the crust and sauce have a different taste which is really good! There’s a lot of sauce, yet really crunchy so every bite kind of feels like the first, which is obviously ideal for any pizza fan.

Gino’s East
Location: River North

Pizza is obviously delicious and if you know how much we love a good craft beer, you’ll understand why Gino’s made our list. The existing Chicago chain started as a single establishment in the mid-1960s and has grown through its cheesy slices and now… beer? That’s right! You can also go to happy hour for $3 beers on draft with a slice!

Location: Loop

This is a place that puts the “deep” in “deep dish pizza”. A more classic, traditional Chicago can be found in the home of “America’s 1st Heart Healthy Pizza”. These slices are equipped with arguably the best sauce bases, best enjoyed with a nice glass of “heart healthy” red wine.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co.
Location: Lincoln Park

Talk about history – the Oven Grinder has been around for decades and has seen its fair share of things, including the notorious “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”. That’s right, this is the place. But enough about the energy, we’re here to talk about pizza! Here you can find one of the most complete (good cheese:sauce, without overdoing anything). Also, they have one of the largest menus on this list.

Location: Loop

Giordano’s is another establishment turned chain, as it’s one of the most famous spots for a deep dish slice. Since 1974, this has been recognized as an elite pick for tourists and locals alike. They have a wide variety of choice, while most stick with some version of the deep dish pizza. We prefer the classic with mushrooms, pepperoni, and green peppers.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
Location: River North

Presenting the legendary (one of the staples) deep dish pizzas! Lou’s has his name in lights for a reason, and it’s because they have one of the best pizzas around. It’s become a chain and honestly, the atmosphere doesn’t really matter, but the pizza just stands out.

Burt’s Place
Location: Suburbs

Talk about classic, now we’re getting into the real special places. Burts is more of an old school establishment with paper towels on the wall, but don’t be fooled – the pizza here is to die for. The pizza and the excellent drink selection will make you come back, it’s that good.

The Art of Pizza
Location: Lake View

One word. Sauce. The Art of Pizza has the best sauce of any deep dish pizza we’ve ever had, hands down. There isn’t much to say, just grab yourself a slice. Ranked #1 by the Chicago Tribune, there’s only one place we liked better…

Pequod’s Pizza
Location: Lincoln Park

There is nothing quite like the whale tale. They don’t have the best sauce or the best cheese, but when you put everything together, they have the best deep dish pizza. There is also a great atmosphere that makes it fun, but honestly, who cares? This is the best deep dish that isn’t too greasy, or cheesy, it’s like the perfect combination that will make your mouth water. Go.

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