We find awesome beer brewed all over the United States (and beyond). We’ve already focused on the two heaviest hitting beer states in New York and California, so we figured we would tackle some of the gems in the Midwest. We’re sure you’ve heard of some of these breweries, though we imagine some are also new (a few are very small). So take a load off and check out the top 10 midwest breweries to visit!

Company: Founders Brewing Company
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Favorite Beer: Centennial IPA

Founders has been a long-time favorite of ours for quite a long time. They are one of the (if not the) largest national breweries from the midwest and most beer connoisseurs have had at least one brew from Founders. From their popular session “All Day IPA” to their more aggressive “Backwoods Bastard” Porter, we can all find a delicious beer here.

Their brewery came up in the mid-1990s, which we consider the “golden age of craft beer”. This was the time when microbreweries started to surface and gave rise to the wonderful world of beer we see today. The taproom has plenty of beers ready on draft and an awesome deli that goes perfectly with their brew!

Company: Great Lakes Brewing Company
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Favorite Beer: Hop Madness Double IPA

Great Lakes is in the middle of the Ohio City neighborhood, which is a fun area with a warm midwestern culture. Their 7-barrel brewhouse offers plenty of classic and new beers to try and the brewpub has awesome bar food. We recommend starting with the pub bites and going with the mac and cheese. You really can’t go wrong (unless you’re lactose intolerant).

Company: Lagunitas Brewing Company
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Beer: Aunt Sally

Honestly, what can we say about Lagunitas? Technically they started in California, but their main brewery is in Chicago, so we’re including them here. They are one of our favorite all-time breweries for two reasons. 1) Lagunitas IPA is the best (easily accessible) national IPA and 2) the variety of beers they have is excellent. Everything from their lagers to IPAs, to sour ales, are wonderful and they’re always coming out with new stuff.

Naturally, a large, popular beer brand is going to have a fun brewery and boy do they deliver! From the live music a few times per month, to the delicious bar food, Lagunitas is a great spot to grab a drink and have a fun night out.

Company: Revolution Brewing
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Beer: Galaxy-Hero IPA

You like beer in cans? Than Revolution is for you. We see them as a very modern brewery with a “hoppy” way of doing things. They have quite a few seasonal beers (Rosa is really good) so visits throughout the year can vary, making it a relatively new experience each time.

The brewery isn’t the biggest, but is intimate and always delivers the warm feeling of being surrounded by high-quality beer. If we’re being honest, you’re visiting for the drinking experience.

Company: 3 Floyds Brewing Company
Location: Munster, Indiana
Favorite Beer: Dreadnaught IPA

This is something that I love about the new age of craft beer – the creativity! The designs and brand identity around the different beers are awesome! It’s like they each have their own personality.

Complimented perfectly by their delicious IPAs, are their appetizers, pizzas, and sandwiches. The quality is great and prices are fair. The tables are kind of small, but they won’t stop you from bringing a few friends to enjoy a fun outing.

Company: Sun King Brewing
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Favorite Beer: SKB IPA

There’s no way around it, Sun Kind is awesome! The brewery/tasting room is like a mini Wonka factory in the way it’s designed and we are into it! You know what annoys us? Breweries with like 6 taps – that’s the worst! You won’t have to deal with that here, there are plenty of classic and experimental blends.

Company: New Glarus Brewing
Location: New Glarus, Wisconsin
Favorite Beer: Hop Hearty

Who likes brewery tours? We do and New Glarus offers multiple tours (with guides or self-guided). The merch is a fun idea, they give you take-home glasses with your first drink, which is something other breweries should do. We all love souvenirs, but don’t want to have to grossly overpay for them! We appreciate a slightly better experience, just a notch above a planned social gathering. Be in the moment!

Company: Surly Brewing Co.
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Favorite Beer: Hop Forward

Speaking of tours, this is the place! It’s “Surly” a large brewery and the tours don’t hold back. This company stands for quality beers and caring about what they make! If you’re truly a fan of beer, you’ll love it here for the taste and the showings.

Company: DryHop Brewers
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Beer: Milkstachio

This is heaven for people who love hoppy IPAs! As good as the beer is, the brewery isn’t a whole lot to look at. But we had to include them for two reasons: their brew and burgers (oh man). The burgers really impressed us, this is not a normal place for a beer and a burger!

Company: Heavy Riff Brewing Company
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Favorite Beer: Left Coast Envy IPA

We love the beer selection and think this is the go-to brewery to visit in St.Louis. They also have a few good ciders, which can break it up and please more people in your group of friends. And can you say barbecue? As much as we love bar food, we love the classic St. Louis twist they add to their delicious menu. Get the sliders when you go!