Other than great weather and beaches, when you think of SoCal, delicious Mexican food might come to mind. With that, we decided to compile our favorite places for you to try out when you’re in the area. Try not to get too hungry!

NAME: Babita Mexicuisine
LOCATION: San Gabriel

A classic, authentic establishment is ideal for a nice dinner and that’s exactly what you get at Babita. Pretty much everything is delicious here, but the salmon, calamari and guac really stood out to us as near the top of the list.

NAME: Bizarra Capital
LOCATION: Whittier

Among all the great things about Bizzara, it’s largely about the fresh seafood they catch locally. They also have a full bar, they make awesome mixed drinks that perfectly complement their cuisines.

NAME: El Parian
LOCATION: Los Angeles

El Parian has been around for what seems like forever and for good reason. They have a solid selection of authentic Mexican cuisine, including chicken, chorizo, shrimp, lamb, goat and more. The serving sizes are generous and the prices are more than fair. Just pay them a visit.

NAME: Border Grill
LOCATION: Los Angeles

When it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine, you wouldn’t exactly find it here at Border Grill. Their unconventional dishes will make you question everything you’ve had before. There’s a standalone location and a food truck that makes its way through downtown LA, both are incredible.

NAME: La Casita Mexicana

With a huge menu filled with various dishes that vary, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest. Their chipotle glazed meats and queso enchiladas are especially amazing! They also have really good chorizo that stands out.

NAME: Corazón y Miel

If you’re looking for somewhere to bring your family, you might want to consider Corazon y Miel. There’s plenty of space, great menus and nice beers on tap. The portions sizes you get are crazy generous with a savory taste to match.

NAME: Carmelita’s
LOCATION: Laguna Beach

With food so delicious and an atmosphere so consistent, you’d be crazy not to give Carmelita’s a shot. Absolutely gourmet food you can enjoy and awesome mixed drinks. But don’t sleep on their breakfast foods! You may not think of a Mexican joint to be ideal for your first meal, but guess what – this one is.

NAME: Coni’Seafood
LOCATION: Inglewood

Go to Coni’Seafood for lunch. It’s great for dinner too, but lunch is where they really shine. Their apps are a good size to share, then you can enjoy some awesome seafood. We really liked their shrimp and will be getting it again the next time we go.

NAME: El Huarache Azteca
LOCATION: Los Angeles

Absolutely delicious – El Huarache Azteca offers what feels like a mix between authentic Mexican cuisine and Mediterranean classics. Everything they produce, from breakfast, lunch and dinner is all fresh and full of flavor. Seriously, you can come here 10 times and get 10 totally different (yet all wonderful) experience You won’t regret it!

NAME: El Borrego As de Oro
LOCATION: Los Angeles

One of the best authentic Mexican spots, period. When juicy, spiced meats are accompanied by fresh vegetables and delicious rice, wonderful things tend to happen. You can tell when you walk in there something of a family atmosphere and the employees really represent a hardworking group of people that have interest in putting out the best possible product.

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