In the beautiful state of Oregon lies some popular and lesser-known breweries that are tasteful in more ways than one. If you’re around, we strongly suggest you visit each spot on this list. Hopefully this doesn’t make you too thirsty!

Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room
Location: Corvallis
Favorite Beer: Brute IPA

This beautiful brewery/taproom has expanded for a good reason and that’s because their beer is delicious and their staff is nice. Some things in life are really that simple. If you want a little more substance than a tour and a beer, check out one of their restaurants.

pFriem Family Brewers
Location: Hood River
Favorite Beer: Dank IPA

Another classic is pFriem, which is right in Hood River. There’s a really nice tasting room right outside of where they start (and end) their tour, for excellent drinking convenience. They have some tasty apps and a pretty solid selection of their year-round brews, so nothing to complain about.

Arch Rock Brewing Company
Location: Gold Beach
Favorite Beer: State of Jefferson Porter

What Arch Rock lacks in size and “stature” it made up for with friendliness and warmth. It’s one of the smaller breweries and might not have a huge variety, but you can expect a nice taste from every sip, coming from a really cool bartender in their taproom.

Bend Brewing Company
Location: Bend
Favorite Beer: Spot Market IPA

Perfect for a spring afternoon, we’re going to start by telling you to just visit Bend Brewing. It’s another brewery/restaurant that is built for more than a couple hours; you can pretty much spend the day here. There’s plenty of space to sit outside, which is great because inside can get a bit crowded.

Caldera Brewery & Restaurant
Location: Ashland
Favorite Beer: Pilot Rock Porter

You know what we like more than an experience? A solid selection of excellent quality beers, a collection they’ve been building for almost 25 years. Honestly, what more can you ask for? They do have really good pizzas that go great with their pale ales, so we suggest going that route.

Brewers Union Local 180
Location: Oakridge
Favorite Beer: Union Drew IPA

Brewers Union does things differently and we like that. It might not be the best brewery/pub that we’ve seen, but that’s ok because it’s unique. Plus it is very good, so that doesn’t hurt its cause. You get an experience resembling an English pub with bar food, pool and the regular banter you might expect. It’s a niche shake-up from the usual place we might visit.

Base Camp Brewing Company
Location: Portland
Favorite Beer: Send It IPA

Everyone likes to get settled at a nice base camp, and you can do that here, only this one makes their own beer! The taproom is huge and pet-friendly so you’ll often find a nice pupper to pet and the staff likes to mix up the atmosphere with fun events like live music, movie night, trivia and more.

Ambacht Brewing
Location: Hillsboro
Favorite Beer: G++ Ale

It seems like every (or at least most) states have a good Belgian-inspired brewery and this is Oregon’s. It’s run in kind of an old school way, but that’s refreshing to see and the beer speaks for itself. Personally, Belgian beer isn’t necessarily our favorite but is great once in a while.

7 Devils Brewing Co
Location: Coos Bay
Favorite Beer: Symbiosis Fig Stout

It might not be the best brewery on the list, but it’s a very respectable venue. They feature live music outside with tables, perfect for the afternoon. They have really good stouts, among other things, but really, you have to try their stouts.

Alesong Brewing & Blending
Location: Eugene
Favorite Beer: Common Nectar

The last brewery on the list certainly isn’t the least. They make excellent beer and really put their heart on their sleeve. They have a great selection of barrel-aged brews that have a plethora of different flavors and aromas.

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