Some fashion trends are evergreen and irreplaceable. Unlike other fashion waves and styles, they don’t fade away and get replaced by something trendier. If you want to rearrange your closet and want to add some fashion “perennials” to it, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some popular fashion items that have stood the test of time and continue to do so.

Plain White and Black Tees

White and black never go out of fashion, and neither do plain tees in these colors. You can get black and white tees with catchy captions and edgy graphics. However, those shirts are perhaps not meant for the next fashion cycle and may not stand the test of time. All-white and all-black tees never go out of style and are great for pairing with a great pair of jeans or even with slacks; this is true and will remain so whether it is 2010, 2020, 2030, maybe even beyond. Plain black and white tees also are great to layer with slightly oversized unbuttoned shirts for a less casual look. Lastly, white and black t-shirts are perfect unisex apparel and are a closet staple for both men and women.


Blazers strike a perfect balance between formal and casual clothing while providing the stylish look you want in your outfit. This piece of clothing can also be worn by both men and women and offers a great look if you wear the right cut. Even though black blazers are considered ageless, you can also pick gray, light blue, and earthy colors to make it work with more contrasts and looks. You can also go with pastel shades and make it a match with a light blue pair of jeans. Choose an oversized blazer for a great layering option. Pair it with your favorite pants or skirts for a quick go-to outfit.

Ballerina Flats

Long ago, stylish women’s shoes had to have high heels to look the part. The style icon Audrey Hepburn broke that convention by sporting ballerina or ballet flats on various occasions with all sorts of dresses. It has been more than 50 years since Audrey introduced this trend. However, it is still as fresh as day one and will continue to be for many years.
Ballet flats in classic shades like nudes, earthy, navy, and black tones are made for all seasons and occasions. They are extremely comfortable to wear and come as a blessing for your heels and arches when you have to walk a lot. Then, you can also wear them with any dress of your choice— from denim to chinos and trousers to bodycon and A-line skirts.

White Button-Down Shirt

No wardrobe is complete without the classic white button-down shirt. This staple is a versatile option that has evolved from the men’s wardrobe only to now being worn by men and women alike. Another reason why they are a hit is because of their countless styling options. You can wear them in various combinations of casual and semi-formal styling. For weekend getaways and beach trips, you can combine them with denim or a trendy pair of shorts along with sneakers. You can also create a casual-formal look by wearing them with trousers and chinos along with loafers and oxfords.

Breton Shirts

A style hailing from Northern France, Breton stripes have been all the rage in crew neck and long-sleeve tees for many decades. Usually, these shirts are made of hard-wearing cotton and feature dark stripes on a white base. Men and women can wear them with light denim pants and sneakers to create a perfect unisex uber cool look.

Double Denim

People would avoid wearing denim on denim for the longest time because it could break the look and might not provide the contrast you look between a pair of pants and a shirt. This misconception regarding double denim styling has been smashed down in the last couple of years. Today, denim-on-denim has become one of the most popular fashion trends. You get a lot of room of styling and customization when it comes to double denim. You can go with a light blue jacket and dark blue jeans or vice versa. You can also break out of the conventional mold of blue shades and experiment with white and black denim pants. Besides jackets, you can try the look with button-down denim shirts as well. You can also carry the double denim look with sneakers, loafers, ballet flats, and even oxfords. For all these reasons, the newfound love for double denim styling is here to stay.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are another fashion item that has been around for a while and is here to stay for long. Both men and women love the laid backness, and low-maintenance of these shoes that are free from laces and all you need to do is slip your feet into them. These shoes come in many shades including earthy shades However, white slip-on sneakers make them perfect to go with all sorts of outfits. Whether it’s digital prints or classical polka dots, you can complete all your trendy looks with a pair of slip-on sneakers.

Trench Coats

When class, sophistication, style, and timelessness combine, they make a trench coat. Trench coats look the part for both men and women for any engagements, especially when the air is a little too nippy. It is an ideal option for those in-between seasons. If you don’t want sweaters to be the outermost layer of your clothing in winter, you can go with a classic trench coat. Trench coats also make incredible pedestrian apparel, especially when there is too much wind or a rain forecast.

Some fashion trends last for only one season, and some continue to rule for years and even decades. Keeping these items in your closet will keep your wardrobe up-to-date year after year. These items have been part of chic styling for seasons after seasons, and we don’t see a reason that this will change in the coming years.