Your outdoor space can be an extension of your home and making it a place you want to retreat to provides extra living space and a relaxing place to hang out after those long days at the office or at school. Often-times our yards are just seen as just that – a yard. However, with just a few updates and a small budget you can turn it into a backyard oasis you never want to leave.

Create Privacy

Privacy is key when it comes to creating a space you want to retreat to. Creating a private area can be done with a few upgrades. Adding a privacy fence is a great way to block off your whole yard or just a portion of it. Planting large green hedges or using large planters can also provide the privacy you are looking for. If you are looking to close off a deck or patio area, consider using outdoor curtains or trellises to create a private space.

Add A Hammock

Once you have created your private area what better way to relax than adding a hammock. When you think of relaxing many people often think of hanging out in a hammock on a nice fall or spring day reading a book or taking a nap or just hanging out. Hammocks are a great way unwind and just seeing a hammock swaying in the breeze can make your stress slip away. Hammocks can be hung between two sturdy trees or they can also be purchased with a stand. Make sure when placing a hammock that the ground below is a soft area of mulch or ground covering. Adding a hammock is an inexpensive way to provide a retreat-like upgrade to your backyard.

Create A Water Feature

Adding a water feature can be another way to create that relaxing spa-like retreat you’re looking for. Not only do water features create that soothing sound so many people enjoy, they are also beautiful to look at. These features can be as simple as a store-bought fountain, simple waterfall feature, or koi pond. You could also splurge on a pool with built-in water features that are sure to impress and provide the tranquility and outdoor living atmosphere you are looking for.

Add Outdoor Fire Pit

Your water feature provides just the right amount of soothing sounds and relaxing vibes but adding an outdoor fireplace takes things to another level. You can spend your days enjoying your water feature and your evenings enjoying the warmth of your outdoor fire pit area. Professional fire features are a great way to get back to those days of campfire chats and storytelling. Who doesn’t love a delicious roasted marshmallow or s’mores enjoyed around the campfire?

Install Outdoor Lighting

Lighting elements can be an easy way to create ambiance in your outdoor living area. Lights can also provide an additional security feature and extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor space. There are great solar and wired options to light up your walkway and pathways. Uplighting under trees can help showcase your property. Add string lights along your fences or trellis can help to frame out your area. Don’t forget your seating and conversation areas, adding candles or sconces are great easy ways to spruce up your outside oasis.

Bring The Kitchen Outdoors

Kitchens are not just for indoors anymore. Many homes and properties are now being equipped with outdoor kitchens or being added by the homeowners to provide an additional extension of their living area. These areas can be as simple as a stand-alone grill to very elaborate outdoor kitchen areas with grilling areas, prep space, and even outdoor sinks and refrigerators. Be sure your kitchen is equipped with the right grilling and cooking accessories.

Add Plants

Changing out old plantings or adding new plants can be a great way to spruce up your outside area. Adding in some new flowers that you don’t normally use can give your backyard a fresh new updated look leaving you feeling like you just visited and new spa-like destination right in our own backyard. You can match your plantings to the season and have a vibrant new appearance to go along with the change in weather.

Design A Kid-Friendly Area

Don’t forget the kids! If you’re updating your outdoor space you will want to create a fun space for the kids to enjoy. This can range from playsets and designated play areas for outdoor sports such as badminton or bocce ball for the younger aged kids to cool outdoor seating space with an outdoor movie screen. These areas can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Eliminate Bugs

Even with all the right outdoor elements in place, your spa-like retreat bugs can really put a damper on your backyard plans. There is nothing worse than annoying mosquitoes and other insects to ruin your time outside. Totally eliminating bugs from a backyard or patio may be nearly impossible, controlling them should be easy to do. Adding elements such as citronella candles can help keep pests at bay. Also make sure you take away any of those areas that mosquitoes and other insects tend to gravitate too such as standing water, which attracts mosquitoes. You can also enlist the help of a professional pest control company to spray the yard for ticks, mosquitoes, and other bugs.

Outdoor spaces are a great way to extend your living space and connect with your family and friends and create lasting memories. Creating the perfect retreat doesn’t have to be difficult or a costly endeavor. Take all or some of our advice and you’re on your way to a sanctuary you will never want to leave.